Episode 5: The Bugfucker Proxy

Rob & Jim get destroyed by Party Camp, a movie that is barely about partying or camping. Instead, a bunch of nobody scumbags mug for the camera and deliver stupid unearned punchlines, all of which are listed and analyzed in this episode. Every single one. Yes, even the ones about bug fucking. Plus: telepathic hogs!

Minisode 4.5: The 13 Ghosts of the Nishika Corporation

Rob & Jim witness a careless misuse of the last days of a beloved horror icon, and chart the trajectory of a Japanese* camera company with big dreams and bad ideas. Or possibly bad dreams and big ideas, we’re not sure. Also: we’ve either pulled another fake movie, or a secretly amazing movie.

* not actually Japanese

Episode 4: No, YOU Shut Up, Robot Dad!

Rob & Jim get blindsided by Android, a quirky film about a quirky robot and some quirky criminals, one of whom turns out to be a quirky multiple murderer. Topics discussed include laser pornography, how best to sabotage your boss’s lunch date, and whether or not all people in the future know Shakespeare. Also: Klaus Kinski’s portrayal of a weird German pervert is surprisingly effective.

Episode 3: Lost in the Watchman’s Eyes

In which Rob & Jim dissect a cult classic about Nazis and aliens(wizards?? vampires???), with a little bit of outside knowledge and a heaping pile of praise for the trippy soundtrack.

… it’s just a shame that sometimes the soundtrack is all you can hear, or that every time Scott Glenn is on screen the plot crumples like a cheap suit. There’s also some weeeiiiird stuff going on with how the film treats its Nazi characters, versus how it treats an entity that is supposedly the Ultimate Evil, but we’ll get to that later. We’ll get to everything later.

P.S. Hey, Mike? Watch your back, that Wilson guy gives me the creeps…