Episode 7: Grandpa Joe’s New Groove

Rob & Jim find themselves six feet under with Dead & Buried, and they couldn’t be happier.¬†Topics discussed include the senseless slaughter of classic vehicles, whether or not it’s appropriate to teach children witchcraft, and the perfect casting of Jack “Grandpa Joe” Albertson as a cheery mortician with a dark secret. Plus: we break our pull streak with the jinx to end all jinxes. STAY TUNED!

Episode 6: Stacy Keach’s Dad Gets Sawed in Half

Rob & Jim fawn over Superstition, a film containing a scene in which Stacy Keach Sr. is telekinetically buzzsawed in half by a three hundred year old ghost witch. Sure, other insane things happen in this movie – surprise hangings, corpsewater pool parties, uncomfortable parental alcoholism – but it’s hard to top. Also: always remember to silence your phone before podcasting, but if you can’t, then at least pick a hilariously vulgar ringtone.